I have a passion for motorcycle riding, adventure quests, and I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from capturing photographs that tell a story.

I have been a biker for the past 30+ years.  The freedom and wonder that I feel when riding speak directly to my soul! 

Getting to be a part of the very diverse world of motorcycle riders has taught me that our passions are part of what connects us. It’s not a luxury to get to follow our dreams - it’s a necessity!  Our worlds expand, our minds open, our hearts become full, we make unlikely, but real, friendships.











In 2017, while on a motorcycle trip to South Dakota, I met a couple in the middle of making their dream of traveling from South America to North America a reality; and they were doing it on a 2002 Suzuki 650 DRSE. Alex and Carolina let me ride and camp with them for 3 days. They shared their food, drink and exciting stories about their trip.  I was in awe of their gumption and courage; their willingness to do whatever it took and however long it took to make it to the northernmost city in the U.S., Barrow, Alaska. 


On the last night, sitting by a blazing fire, I thought about all my rides, what made me happy, what I  wanted to accomplish.  It was one of those, “if you could do anything that you wanted to do, what would it be?” moments.  That dream was easy - I wanted to ride my motorcycle EVERYWHERE, meet other riders, hear and share their stories, and take photos that reflect this crazy, fun exciting world of bikers.  It was the “if you could” part that took some time. By morning, it was all about “why can’t I?” 


360 Degree Biker, LLC and 360 Biker Life were established in June 2017.  



  • Collect photos of/stories from bikers  

  • Motorsports photography on some of the best rides in the U.S. 

  • Photographic exhibitions of women motorcycle riders 

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